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On this page, we present our collection of links to external sites devoted to the history of broadcasting. Some of the articles on these sites are also linked from the individual station listings on this site.

  • Broadcast Archive: Station histories, photos of vintage equipment, articles on station programming.
  • Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia: Website for an organization of current and former Philadelphia broadcasters.
  • Carl Abraham: Tributes to Scranton PA television stations.
  • Chalk Hill Educational Media: Virtual museum of television and radio equipment, all of which resides in their actual collection warehoused in east Texas.
  • Cleveland Classic Media: Tim Lones' blog on radio/TV history of northeast Ohio.
  • Doug Quick On Line: Central Illinois (Springfield, Decatur, Danville and Champaign-Urbana) and St. Louis radio and television history.
  • Early Television Foundation: History of early television, from the mechanical systems of the 1920s through the development of color television in the 1950s.
  • Faded Signals: Blog of various station histories, both television and radio.
  • Harrisburg Radio TV: Tim Portzline's site consolidating information on the Harrisburg PA market.*
  • Hartford Radio History: John Ramsey's collection of historical profiles on the stations in that market (now expanded to cover other parts of Connecticut).*
  • Houston Radio History: Blog on the early history of Houston broadcasting, organized by transmission type and decade.
  • Larry's Place: Retired television engineer's collection of information on broadcasting.
  • Milwaukee Television History: The Analog Years: Abridged "headlines" version of the book of the same name by Dick Golembiewski (last updated just before his death in 2008).*
  • Modesto Radio Museum: Articles about stations in the Modesto CA market (just south of Sacramento).
  • St. Louis Media History Foundation: Archives of articles, photos, and ads of radio and television stations in the St. Louis market.
  • Tulsa TV Memories: Articles, discussion and blog on the history of television in Tulsa OK.
  • TV Boxes: Pictures of television signal boosters and vintage UHF converters.
  • TV Signoffs: Collection of station sign-off videos from back when stations still did that every night.
  • UHF Nocturne: Collection of short articles about late-night programming on San Francisco and Sacramento television stations. (via Internet Archive)
  • Vintage Toledo TV: Blog featuring vintage print ads for stations in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.
  • World Radio History: David Gleason's site with PDF archives of various industry publications, including every issue of Broadcasting published (and most of the Yearbooks). Now graciously hosts this website.

*-Tim Portzline and John Ramsey have also written books on their respective markets, which are available via their websites or through their publisher, Arcadia Publishing. Dick Golembiewski's book is still available at Amazon.

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