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The History of UHF Television site was primarily created because there were some stories that needed to be told because they never had been, and there were other stories that needed to be properly told because the existing versions were riddled with inaccuracies such as the presumption of anecdotal information as correct.

We have therefore written those stories ourselves and present them for your reading here. Some of them originally appeared at Peter Q. George's former "UHF Morgue" website and have been corrected and expanded; most have been created from scratch. The one thing we will promise the reader is that Broadcasting has been used for the majority of fact-checking, with additional corrections coming from Television Digest (through 1963) and articles found in various newspaper archive sites. We are therefore confident that these articles are reasonably accurate (90% or better) as presented. The FCC has also made available the old history cards for stations and we updated articles with additional information from those, as applicable; however, these are only available for stations which are presently on the air and which signed on prior to 1980, so only a limited number of articles were able to be updated.

In this section, we have listed articles alphabetically by call letters; if you are looking for information on a station but cannot remember the call letters, we suggest consulting our "Channels" pages for listings by channel number; there are many stations on those lists which contain notes of what limited information is available (insufficient for a complete article).

Articles that have been added in the past six months (more or less) are noted with aicon and articles that have been updated with new information over that same period are noted with aicon. Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon will display the date of the addition or update. We do not display the "Updated" icon for articles that only received minor edits to correct typographical or formatting errors noticed after their original appearance.

To return to this menu from an article, click on the coaxial cable at the bottom of the page ("Back to Index"). You can also click on the "Articles" button at the upper left side of the page. The latter method works from every page on the site.

If you have additional information on any of the above stations, please feel free to forward same to us via the Feedback form. We also welcome new articles on stations not yet included above.

The links below are to external sites devoted to the stations listed. We have no control over the content of those sites but based upon our own research believe them to be reasonably accurate:

And a few stations which aren't "failed" but whose histories are worth reading:

RCA's Broadcast News (archived at the World Radio History website) has many more station profiles from an equipment standpoint.

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